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Custom Tags UK are perfect for a wide range of uses including clothing tags, gift wraps, and sales tags. They also come in many shapes and colors to help your company stand out.

The most important part of your custom tag is your design. It’s what customers will see when deciding which product to buy, so make it something that stands out and gets them excited about your brand!

Custom Tags UK

Custom Tags UK you’re designing your own custom asset tags or swing tags, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, you should decide what content is most relevant for your business and what information you want to relay to potential customers. You could include things like clothing sizes, colour information, pricing, logos or social media handles, as well as a mission statement and other information that you think is important to your brand.

Secondly, you should consider the material of your asset tag to ensure it will stand up to regular use and won’t become damaged or discoloured. You should also consider if it needs to be waterproof, scratch resistant or UV-resistant if it will be used outdoors.

Once you’ve decided what your asset tag needs to contain, you can then design it using our handy online design tool. You can select from an endless range of text and art to suit your business and product.

You can also add a picture of the product to give it that extra personal touch. This is another great way to help your customer remember your brand and what you stand for!

There are a number of ways you can create unique custom swing tags that will stand out from the crowd and get your product noticed. Here at Inktank, we offer a wide range of techniques including full colour printing, spot UV, raised ink printing, hot foil stamping, embossing and foiled edging.

Custom Tags UK labels  made from 380 gsm SBS paperboard in a choice of shapes, sizes and finishing options. They are available as door hangers, bottle neck tags, bag toppers and even double-sided gift labels.

Manufacture Of Custom Tags UK

At GB Labels, we manufacture a wide variety of custom labels and woven products that designed to complement your product, brand or company image. Whether you need a simple iron-on or fabric label for your clothing line, a swing tag for your large retailer or market re-seller, a door hanger or bespoke label for a special event, we can help you make your product stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression with your customer.

Contact Us Today! We have over fifty years of experience in the manufacture and printing of bespoke woven products, labelling and packaging. Our skilled and creative team can work with you to develop the perfect solution for your business or brand.

Skills Of Custom Tags UK

Custom labels are a great way to identify key moments of discussion in videos. They can help start discussions, show areas of improvement and allow users to share their best practice with peers. They are also a fantastic way to analyse performance and assess skill development. They  customised with your branding and product information and are available in a range of materials and finishes. These include woven labels, printed labels and hang tags.

These labels are manufactured in the UK, so you can get them at competitive prices. They have a large selection of colours and engraved on both sides. They also offer printing on recycled cards and a variety of finishes including hot foil stamping, embossing and gilded edging.

Process Of Custom Tags UK


Customised tags are a quick-to-implement option when it comes to increasing efficiency in your workplace. By displaying safety-critical messages and process-specific instructions, they help to maximise productivity while minimising the likelihood of accidents occurring.

For example, Flange Tags can display a bespoke step-by-step guide to the entire fabrication and installation process, making sure that workers are able to complete each stage correctly and safely. This can save time and money, as well as ensuring that the whole process is carried out in the most efficient manner possible.

These customised tags made using any type of material and print method, including digital printing on a tough 0.6mm (600 micron) recycled PVC. personalised with company logos, sequential numbering or full colour images.

They are a great way to promote your brand and attract attention to what you sell. They come in a wide range of designs and printed on both sides. They are also great for gift wraps, product labels, leaflets and advertising flyers.

Creating custom tags is easy and fast in ColdFusion. First, select the type of tag you want to create in the tags menu. Then, in the tags editing window, click Add New Tag and provide a name for your tag. The name should not contain capitalised letters or special characters and must be unique to the custom tag. You can also use the description field to give the tag a purpose or a unique ID. Then, you can start processing the tag. Once you’ve completed your processing, you can save the tag as a PDF or publish it to an application.

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