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A Personal Loan can be helpful for salaried professionals living in Pune, especially when they need funds for unexpected expenses or to finance major life events such as weddings, medical emergencies, home improvements or higher education. Personal Loans can also be used to consolidate debts or to cover travel expenses.

As Pune is a growing city with a high cost of living, people may require additional funds to meet their financial needs. Personal Loans can provide quick and convenient access to the required funds without collateral or a lengthy approval process.

Moreover, in today’s world, loans have become essential to people’s lives. Whether for funding higher education, purchasing a high-end phone, or even home renovation, people often rely on loans to achieve their financial goals. However, the approval of a loan depends on several factors, one of which is the borrower’s credit score. This article will discuss the impact of credit scores on personal loan in Pune, one of India’s fastest-growing cities.

Importance of credit scores in loan approvals

Credit scores are an essential part of the loan approval process, as they provide NBFCs with an insight into a borrower’s creditworthiness. Credit scores reflect a borrower’s credit history, including their repayment history, outstanding debts, and credit utilisation. Therefore, a borrower’s credit score significantly determines their ability to repay a loan.

How much is a credit score required for a Personal Loan?

Generally, a credit score of 630 or above is considered good and can increase a borrower’s chances of getting approved for a Personal Loan. However, the minimum credit score required for a Personal Loan can vary from one lending institution to other. Borrowers can check credit scores for free on the websites of top lending institutions. 

Factors that affect credit scores

Several factors can affect a borrower’s credit score, including:

  • Repayment history
  • Outstanding debts
  • Credit utilisation
  • Credit mix
  • Longevity of their credit account

It is important to remember that late payments, defaults, and high credit utilisation can negatively impact a borrower’s credit score. In contrast, a long credit history and a diverse credit mix can have a positive impact.

Importance of credit scores in Personal Loan approvals

Credit scores are crucial in Personal Loan approvals, as they help NBFCs assess a borrower’s creditworthiness. Lending institutions use credit scores to determine the risk of lending money to borrowers. A high credit score indicates a low risk of default, while a low credit score indicates an increased risk of default. Therefore, borrowers with high credit scores are more likely to get easy approvals for a Personal Loan and may be eligible for lower interest rates.

How to improve your credit score?

If a borrower has a low credit score, there are several steps they can take to improve it. 

  • They should make sure to pay all their bills on time and avoid missing any payments. 
  • They should reduce their outstanding debts and avoid applying for too much credit at once. 
  • They should regularly check their credit report for errors and get them corrected. 
  • They should avoid closing old credit accounts, which can negatively impact their credit history.

ConclusionCredit scores play a crucial role in Personal Loan approvals. Borrowers with high credit scores are more likely to get approved for a Personal Loan and may be eligible for lower interest rates. Therefore, borrowers should maintain a good credit score by making timely payments, reducing outstanding debts, and regularly checking their credit reports. By doing so, they can increase their chances of getting approved for a Personal Loan in Pune or any other city and achieve their financial goals.

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