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There is no gaming console that is complete without a good racing game. Racing games frequently push the limits of what gaming hardware is capable of producing visually, and they provide a fantastic choice for either laid-back competition or white-knuckle thrill rides, depending on the specifics of the game.

The PlayStation 5 is not an exception, and Sony’s console already has more than its fair share of excellent racing games, especially in light of the long-awaited arrival of Gran Turismo on the platform. This is especially true in light of the fact that the release of Gran Turismo was so long in coming. Here you will find a collection of the absolute finest accessible choices.

Gran Turismo 7

The granddaddy of PlayStation racing games has returned with its first numbered edition in an extremely long time, and GT7 is an amazing scorcher. It has an on-boarding system that is more forgiving than any other Gran Turismo has ever provided. You’ll be able to acquire new vehicles on a good and consistent basis while also learning how to race in a fair and responsible manner.

Throughout the course of the game, you will eventually get behind the wheel of some of the most renowned vehicles in the world, and the realism of the game’s mechanics is unparalleled. That all looks fantastic on the PS5, meanwhile, thanks to its capability for 4K native resolution, which results in a drive that is both sharp and gorgeous.

Unbound to the Need for Speed

When it comes to popularity, Need for Speed has seen better days, but it is still a major racing brand that has been around for a long time. Despite this, it managed to release Unbound, which is widely considered to be the company’s greatest game in recent memory.

This is a very entertaining arcade-style racing game that deftly incorporates some roguelike features to provide you with a risk-reward system. The true star of the show, though, are the customization choices.


Gran Turismo’s off-road racing, which comes in second place behind the game’s road racing, is the one area in which the game is not quite as good as it might be, despite the fact that it does a good job overall. Yet, getting a decent off-road experience is quite simple to do with Dirt 5, a racer that has an insanely detailed understanding of how mud works.

It’s a fantastic time, with slippery and sliding circuits that change between surfaces at whim, and a whole lot of super-powered vehicles to take around them in races that are chaotic and full of collisions. It’s a terrific time. The game looks amazing, and the music is a lot of fun to listen to.

F1 22

If you’re looking for something a little bit more particular, the most recent installment of the Formula One racing series is an excellent example of how proficient its developer, Codemasters, is at developing licensed racing games at this point. Since the competition is so tight and precisely calibrated, you’ll get the distinct impression that you’re competing in Formula One at your very best. Driving a whole season in the aim of capturing a title is a remarkable feat of endurance since there are so many courses to learn, and the feeling of speed when you pound on the pedal in an F1 machine is unrivaled. In addition, there are so many circuits to memorize.


Try out Wreckfest for something that is far more disorderly. The core of this funny racing game is comprised on highly complex damage algorithms, which give you the ability to completely wreck your automobile, truck, tractor, or any other one of a wide variety of vehicles as you compete.

It leads to racing that is very nasty and dangerous, in which drivers intentionally want to hurt one other, and the enjoyable demolition derbies that result from this are a huge draw for spectators. Nevertheless, the actual racer that it centers around is rather good as well, so there is a lot to like about this game.

WRC Generations

Last but not least, a good rally game always stands on its own, providing a unique mix of high-speed action and fierce competition that we just can’t get enough of. WRC Generations is an excellent continuation of the greatest racing series that is available at the moment, and it is a perfect choice to make if you want to race through stages with just a drift hunters split second’s warning before each turn.

You will be given a large number of vehicles to become proficient in, as well as a large number of courses spread out across a variety of locations that have been taken from actual tour events. This will allow you to really test your virtual driving skills against the courses that these expert drivers have to contend with in real life.

How to choose the right racing game for your PlayStation 5

There is an extensive library of racing games available for the PlayStation 5, including a large number of PlayStation 4 titles that are fully compatible with the PS5’s more advanced technology. Please allow me to assist you in narrowing down the options by asking the following few questions.

Which kind of racing, road or off-road, do you like more?

The latest video racing games often focus either on on-road racing or off-road racing, but they seldom combine the two types of racing together. This creates a significant dichotomy in the genre. This indicates that you will likely wind up acquiring a game like WRC 10 or Dirt 5 if you like the sensation of sliding around a muddy corner. On the other hand, if you prefer to race on asphalt, you will be safer sticking with the big guns like Gran Turismo 7.

Do you love F1?

Your options are going to be much more limited if you have a special affinity for a certain activity, such as Formula 1, since licenses often only sit in one location. But, if this is the case, your choices are going to be considerably smaller. There is just one game series to which you may turn in order to realistically compete in an official Formula One automobile race, and this is true of other organizations as well.

Would you want to play in split-screen mode?

Split-screen action, which was formerly a common feature in racing games, is gradually becoming less common in these kinds of games. If you want to be able to race a friend on one TV when they’re over, you should make sure to check what the games you’re considering offer before purchasing them. A surprising number of games released in recent years do not include any options for competitive play between two players on the same screen.

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