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Do you know that Google can help you in booking a flight? Well, the search engine behemoth Google facilitates your flight booking process allowing you to save time wasted browsing different airlines’ websites. If you want to learn to get cheapest flight Las Vegas on Google, read the article below. 

Google flights to Las Vegas booking process.

To know the google flight booking process steps, you should go through the following points. 

  • Firstly, you have to visit the website
  • When you reach the website, type your requirement in the search bar, like ‘cheapest flights to Las Vegas’ or anything similar. 
  • Search your requirement, and the results will appear within seconds.
  • A separate section for booking flights will be there on the top. 
  • In this section, you should enter your departure date and city along with the destination city, i.e., Las Vegas. Also, specify the number of people traveling. 
  • Click the search button, and the available flights on the specified route and fares will be displayed. 
  • From the available options, choose the flight of your choice. Select it and proceed with the further on-screen process. 
  • In the last step, you should make the payment to successfully book your flight.

Hacks to book cheap flights

Are you fed up with the high flight fares? Do not worry! Some tips and tricks may help you get affordable flight Las Vegas. You can find these hacks in the following section of the article. 

  1. Make an advance booking: flights that are booked earlier are cheaper as compared to the ones that are booked nearer to the departure date. So, to avoid paying extra money, you should book your flight well in advance. 
  1. Browse in incognito mode: a study found that searching flights on a browser multiple times increases fares. To avoid this, you should always search flights in incognito mode. 
  1. Book a connecting flight: non-stop or direct flights are costlier than flights with halts in between. So if you have sufficient time for your travel, you should book a connecting flight. 
  1. Choose an affordable airline: always try to book your ticket with an affordable carrier. 


Google flights is a better option when searching for flights to Las Vegas. The process to book Google Flights To Las Vegas is mentioned in the above article. To save you time and money, a few hacks to book cheap flights are also mentioned. 

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