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Exos Heroes is a fantastic gacha role-playing game with a stellar reputation for its polished visuals, balanced combat, and thrilling gameplay and story. Oozoo and LINE Games released their highly anticipated role-playing game in 2019. If you’re a huge fan of role-playing games, you might want to consider making this part of your complete collection. The Exos Heroes Tier List is also available for your perusal.

A Glimpse of Exos Heroes

The magical world of airships awaits you in this turn-based action role-playing game. Building a strong team of heroes and releasing them via the gacha system is your mission in Exos Heroes. By participating in the story and the various game modes, our heroes will be thrust into a perilous adventure.

This epic role-playing game gives you the chance to explore five regal kingdoms that unlock Zeon’s backstory. More than 200 heroes await you beyond that point. In addition, you’ll need to put your best foot forward when it comes to cracking your opponents’ defenses by targeting the guardian stone—a resource controlled by one of the elements and vulnerable to fragmentation via a specific element hero—as an attack.

Exos Heroes Lenombe

In the beginning of the game, you will use the typical heroes. However, you should put money into heroes who will stand firmly for you if you hope to withstand formidable opponents in the future. The Exos Heroes Tier List has been compiled to assist you in locating the game’s most powerful characters.

Exos Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters Revealed

Check out our Exos Heroes Tier List if you’re at a loss as to which hero will best aid you in advancing through the game. Keep in mind that the heroes’ viability hinges on their statistics, attributes, and Fatecore. To further clarify things, we’ve created a power ranking system that ranks heroes from most powerful to least, from S+ to S to A to B to C.

S+ Tier – The Best Among the Rest

To find the best of the best among Exos Heroes’ heroes, look no further than this tier. All matches are fair game for S-Tier heroes, and their Fatecores are always unpredictable. Therefore, you should seriously consider recruiting an S-Tier hero if you want to guarantee victory. The famous heroes who fall under this level of strength are as follows:

  • Misty
  • Rienor
  • Dorka
  • Jinai – Supreme Queen
  • Bathory – Forgotten Memory
  • Tantalo – Banga Family
  • Talia – Prophet of the Sun
  • FC Carrie
Exos Heroes Misty

S-Tier – The Strong Heroes

If you find yourself unable to acquire S+ Tier heroes, you can always make do with the S-Tier meta heroes who are also undergoing rapid development. These heroes share the same reputation for excellence in their Fatecores as their more prominent counterparts. And with their well-thought-out strategies and constructions, these heroes can lead you to victory in Exos Heroes. These are the heroes who fall under this level of strength:

  • Rudley – Forgotten Memory
  • Uloom – The Reversed World
  • Iris – Holiday at the White Ocean
  • Garff – The Reversed World
  • Schmid
  • Rera – The First Guardian
  • Brook – The Reversed World
  • Deva – Forgotten Memory
  • Shell – Artist of Death
  • Magi – The First Guardians
  • Valarr
  • Jinn – Banga Family
  • Adams – Banga Family
  • Rachel – Awakening
  • John Donk
  • April
  • SEO-A
  • Luna
Exos Heroes Schmid

A-Tier – The Average Heroes

You can use the A-tier heroes if you can’t get the S+ and S-tier ones unlocked. While these heroes lack the raw power to truly aid you in combat, a well-executed strategy and solid construction can still yield victory. Here then are Exos Heroes’ typical protagonists:

  • Bernavas
  • Annie – Forgotten Memory
  • Valentina – Princess’s Vacation
  • Baileysh
  • Zeon – The First Guardians
  • Baraka – The First Guardians
  • Neomi
  • Shufraken
  • Jean
  • Chati
  • Bathory
  • Morris
  • Lepin – Awakening
  • Emma – Forgotten Memory

B-Tier – The Substandard Heroes

Newcomers to Exos Heroes need look no further than the heroes in this tier for all their needs. Use secondary protagonists to learn the ropes of the game. Characters in this tier are below average in terms of battle stats and vital attributes, so keep that in mind. If you’re stuck with these heroes, you should probably replace them with one of the stronger ones up top or level them up. The Exos Heroes Tier List’s B-Ranked Heroes are listed below.

  • Luke – Banga Family
  • Otard – Awakening
  • Scarlet – Hotter Than the Sun
  • Anastasia – The First Guardians
  • Rachel – Forgotten Memory
  • Degas – Beach by the Blue Sea
  • Uloom
  • Garff
  • Kylock
Exos Heroes Garff

C-Tier – The Less Competitive Heroes

It is generally agreed that heroes below this level can’t compete in the current meta. It is strongly discouraged that you employ these heroes. If you run into them, replace them with the strongest heroes you can. Take a look at Exos Heroes’ weakest heroes right here!

  • Xiakhan Mahar
  • Sabrina
  • Bernadette – Melting Ice
  • Baraka – Awakening
  • Ramge – Awakening
  • Rudley
  • Geometry Dash Subzero
Exos Heroes Bernadette
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