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Volvo and Tata Hitachi are some of the leading global brands in the construction equipment industry. They develop top-class build quality equipment that provides the best value possible for your job.

So, here we are with a couple of excavator models from these brands. Each brings a specific set of capabilities that helps you complete your job efficiently.

Let’s not wait any further and immediately get into the details of the Volvo EC210D and the Tata Hitachi EX 130 Super excavator.

The Volvo EC210D and the Tata Hitachi EX 130 Super

Volvo EC210D

The Volvo EC210D is one of the best selling excavators with high-end technology offering better productivity & efficiency. It’s engineered with a powerful 156 hp engine. It offers enough power to carry heavy loads, thanks to its lifting capacity of 7240 kg.

In addition, this excavator comes with the capability to dig up to a maximum depth of 6730 mm from its bucket, having a capacity of 1 cum. Also, with this excavator, you can handle all your heavy tasks as it has an operating weight of 20000 kg.

Moreover, the Volvo EC210D price in India starts from Rs. 62 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 64 lakhs.

Tata Hitachi EX 130 Super

This Tata Hitachi excavator packs an engine that gives it a power output of 75 HP. This allows the excavator to have the capacity to dig at a maximum digging depth of 4720 mm, along with its bucket of 0.6 cum holding capacity.

You can also complete all your tasks with this excavator, thanks to its operating weight of 12146 kg. So, no worries!Lastly, the Tata Hitachi 130 price in India starts at Rs. 47 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 49 lakhs. For more information, please visit Infra Junction.

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