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Apple is loved by many for running its own unique ecosystem. All devices of the brand are interconnected, complementing and expanding the capabilities of devices. At the same time, it is almost impossible for third-party devices to get into this system, just as it is difficult for Apple gadgets to demonstrate all the possibilities in combination with devices from other companies. Airpods Price In Pakistan .The new Apple AirPods Pro headphones are no exception in this regard.

About Apple Device:

As soon as a new Apple device is released, Android smartphone owners are reasonably interested in how it will function with their device. Everyone seems to be used to the fact that devices running the Green Robot are not compatible with the Apple Watch , but questions about headphones from the AirPods line arise from time to time. Let’s try to answer the most common of them and figure out how AirPods Pro work with Android .

Are AirPods Pro compatible with Android smartphones

When connecting AirPods Pro wireless headphones to smartphones from the iPhone series , you can see a branded animation that confirms the pairing of devices. Synchronization of “gags” with Android devices is also fast, although you, of course, will not see any animation. 

How to Connect:

To connect, you need to open the charging box and press the pairing button located on the case body. The whole process takes no more than 2 seconds.

Support for operating modes

The new AirPods Pro are characterized by the presence of two modes of operation:

Active noise suppression:

Complete isolation from the environment; these options will also be available, but you can use only taps on the headphones themselves to switch them. While iPhone owners can switch in a special item in the settings menu.


The sounds of the outside world are passed through the headphones.If you connect the device to smartphones running Android,

It is important to note that in the case of pairing with an Android gadget, you will not be able to disable both modes, since in any case you will have to choose one of the presented options for functioning.

Gesture control

In terms of physical control of headphones on Android , there are no restrictions: switch songs, answer calls, pause playback. You will not need to apply for these functions to your smartphone.

AAC codec support

Apple headphones are distinguished by support for the AAC codec, which is the norm for the iPhone . With devices running the Android OS, things are a little different. On some smartphone models, the codec is activated manually in the settings dedicated to the connected headphones. Other models may not have this option at all.

Which AirPods Pro features don’t work on Android

If there are no problems with synchronization and gesture control of AirPods Pro on Android smartphones, then a number of functional options are still not available in this case.

What exactly can not be done with AirPods Pro when connected to Android :

  • Use the services of the voice assistant Siri ;
  • Test the fit of the headphones;
  • Connect 2 pairs of headphones to one mobile;
  • Monitor the charge level of a separate earphone and charging case.
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