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Personal loan statements are short-term unsecured loans often used for consumer purchases, including automobiles, home improvements, debt reduction, and vacations (with terms of 7 years).

Be sure to document every step you take as you work to pay off your debt. So, the bank gives you a personal statement with information about your loan application and any other transactions related to it. 

Steps to get your individual loan statement 

Your personal loan statement is available in several different formats. Here, we’ll investigate the many avenues available for accessing your individual loan record.

  • Using bank websites for Financial Transactions

Every Indian bank now gives its clients access to a variety of financial services over banking details. The ‘loan’ feature is available in most banks’ online banking portals, where the Internet. Access your loan statement at any time. Just sign in with your usual online customers may review information related to any loans they have taken out. You may either save the e-statement to your computer or read it online by clicking on the ‘loan’ tab.

  • Sign into the website

If you go on over to the bank’s main website, A loan may be found under the “products” menu. You’ll be sent to a separate page if you click “personal loan” under “loans.” To see your personal loan statement, choose “Login,” then enter your username and password.

  • The use of a mobile application

It’s as easy as installing the bank’s app on your smartphone. To apply for a loan, just log in and choose the appropriate tab. You can access not only your loan statement but also any additional information about the loan(s) you have taken out.

  • By means of an electronic mail address

You may request your personal loan e-statement by sending an email to the bank’s email address. If you have provided the bank with your email address, you will get electronic statements. If you make a purchase using the mobile app or online banking, you may choose to get your statement electronically by entering your email address.

  • Customer Concern

If you have any trouble seeing your personal loan statement online, feel free to contact the bank’s customer service department for assistance.

  • Offline

If you need a copy of your personal loan statement, you may pick it up at any branch of the bank from whom you borrowed money. Take the necessary paperwork with you to the bank. A bank representative will give you a customised loan statement and help you through the process. 

If you have taken out a personal loan, you are required to review your electronic statement often. You’ll find therein a complete and accurate account of your loan history, including all payments and personal loan eligibility documents. Personal loan statements are very clear, so there is no way for the lender or borrower to be confused or disagree. 

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