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The coaches of The Voice have been rewarding musicians with prizes for joining their teams for years. But how did the concept for coach presents come about? Here’s a look at the very first coach gift, some of the best swag from the past several seasons, and what the coaches for season 23 are giving out this year.

Kelly Clarkson’s arrival in 2018 marked the beginning of the coaches’ gift-giving on The Voice, which has been airing since 2011. In season 14, when Clarkson served as a coach for the first time, she presented Team Kelly jackets to the contestants who joined her team. Since then, she has continued to do so throughout the seasons, occasionally switching the coats’ colors. Clarkson once sold Team Kelly jerseys in a black and gold color scheme. coach outlets

Over time, it became customary for all four coaches to distribute gifts, and NBC would advertise the lineup of gifts each season. Shelton has occasionally given artists items other than apparel, like as a cooler or a bobble head.

One of the most useful presents given to Adriana Grande.

The 23rd season of The Voice debuted in early March. Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan joined as newcomers, joining returning coaches Clarkson and Shelton, and they also brought gifts. Clarkson continued to wear her customary jacket, which she described as being a “beautiful wine burgundy” colour. Horan distributed grey hoodies that were copies of his “Hello Lovers” merchandise at the same time. Chance the Rapper chose “3” baseball caps to go with his own style. coach shirt

For years, artists on The Voice have been treated to gifts from the coaches as a reward for joining their teams (and sometimes a bribe). But where did the idea for coach gifts begin? Here’s a look back at the very first coach gift, plus some of the best swag over the years and what the season 23 coaches are offering this year.

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